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April 3, 2011

I’m Not Dead

As you might have noticed, this blog has lain fallow for a few months. I didn’t stop thinking about, eating or buying food, nor did I become destitute. (I’m very pleased about the latter, as I’ve been there and it’s no fun at all.)

A few months ago, I got the best job of my career (short of being in business for myself, which I loved, but it was no cakewalk). I now have bosses that appreciate me and talk me up at every social gathering. I’ve actually been offered more jobs and projects in the last three months (that I’ve had to turn down) than in the prior two years. It’s amazing what nice people and positive thoughts can bring into one’s life. Being valued is worth more than money; at least, it is to me. There are things that no dollar amount would make me do.

As the song goes, though, I work hard for the money and I am the service staff in my dual role as IT and Office Manager. Now that the company is out of the startup phase though, I feel like I have some time to spend on the blog again. There is so much I want to explore and write about! Now that I’m working in the Cypress/Spring/Northwest Houston area, I’m seeing a bunch of little places that I’d never heard of. I want to dig up what’s great and unique in that part of Houston.

Additionally, I’ll be starting a “Why I Love…” series that covers the familiar haunts that I find myself at over and over again. There are reasons why these joints are getting national attention, and I’d like to discuss that from a patron’s perspective. First up in the series will be “Why I Love Anvil Bar and Refuge”.

Before that, though, will be some unfinished business. I’ll discuss my repeat visit to Tuscany Italian Bakery. Regrettably, it’s not good news. I think it’s odd that so many places get an initial review when they first open and they’re “hot,” but there’s no follow-up to see if the place got better or worse after the inception period (and room for excuses) passes.

Additionally, I’ll be finishing and posting an article that’s been simmering since the big job change. Thank goodness my interviewee is a supremely kind, patient and understanding human being. It was an honor to spend a morning with him. He’s one of my favorite people in the world and I think the resulting article on customer service will have value to those working in the industry.

Houston Food Adventures should not just be a bunch of writing and photos about my experiences. Adventures should be shared, so I am envisioning some regular “group adventures.” Let me know if you’d like to help coordinate these, and I’m always open to suggestions on where to visit.

Thank you to everyone who’s told me how much they’ve missed the Houston Food Adventures blog, especially Katharine Shilcutt of the Houston Press, who (nicely) called me on the carpet for neglecting it. Like with my new job, knowing that my work is appreciated is worth more than money.

Onward and upward!

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