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Restaurant Review,The Woodlands

September 18, 2010

Happy Hour at Jasper’s

Our Adventure in The Woodlands Continues…

After having some great food at 1252 Tapas Bar a few weeks ago, we wandered over to Jasper’s across the street. I had noticed their nice bar setting on a previous visit and wanted to see what the scene there was like.

We were happy to find a respectable and reasonable $5 bar menu with upper-scale, fusion-inspired snacks and drinks. We treated ourselves to the Bourbon Pulled Pork Sliders and the Prime Rib Carne Guisada Flautas. I ordered “The Dirty Blue” to drink, and Chuck ordered an “Orange Dream.”

I’d love to say that the food was as good as the names sound, but it fell a little short. The pork sliders were respectable and the cilantro lime pickle slaw was crunchy and fresh. But the pork wasn’t particularly saucy and I didn’t pick up any significant bourbon flavor.

Food and drinks from Jasper's Happy Hour

From left to right: The Dirty Blue, Bourbon Pork Sliders, Carne Guisada Flautas and an Orange Dream

The flautas had a similar issue—they were good, but had none of the homey sass of real carne guisada (although the accompanying slaw—this time a jicama version—was once again crunchy and pleasing.)

The drinks, on the other hand, were spot-on. The Dirty Blue was a dirty martini modernized a bit with the inclusion of two salty and pungent blue cheese-stuffed olives. I hate it when I get a green olive that is supposedly stuffed with something that can’t stand up for itself. Not the case here; the blue cheese was present and accounted for. I love dirty martinis that don’t hold back on the olive juice, and this didn’t. It cut the astringent vodka nicely.

The Orange Dream, a combination of all things orange—vodka, liqueur, and juice—was lightened and softened with a bit of whipped cream. It was pleasantly sweet without being cloying.

So, while the food needed a little more kick to live up to the names, each dish was still a tremendous value for $5. I mean, can one even get a McDonald’s Value Meal for $5 these days?

Jasper’s Happy Hour times are the most generous I’ve ever seen; from opening until 7 pm Monday through Saturday and all day on Sunday. People who want to eat nice food at reasonable prices, couples on a budget date (or who aren’t real hungry) and folks in a hurry will all be pleased with Jasper’s offerings and wonderful bar service.

My recommendation, ultimately, is that to get the full Jasper’s experience, you really need to have a full lunch or dinner there. The previous time we went there to eat, they blew my socks off with their ribs and the appetizers on the dinner menu. I could not help but stuff myself. I walked out like a happy little piggy, and so I encourage you to blow some cash here for a real, quality meal.

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  1. We took you up on your Jasper’s happy hour suggestion, and it was great! Thanks for doing the leg work for us.

    Comment by George P — September 26, 2010 @ 10:21 am

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